Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Ansul Suppression Systems & Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen Suppression System

Kitchen Suppression Systems & Kitchen Hoods
Covering the WHOLE STATE OF NJ 

  • Kitchen Suppression System Semi-Annual Inspections & Tagging
  • Installation of NEW systems.
  • Kitchen Hood Installation, Repair, Fabrication & Sales.
  • Upgrading Pre-UL and dry chemical systems.
  • Hydrostatic testing Cylinders.
  • Repairs, repiping, removing piping, changing nozzles and much more.

Ansul Systems, Amerex Systems, ProTex II Systems, Buckeye Systems, Pyro-Chem Systems, Range Guard Systems, Kidde Systems and many more!

Atlantic Fire Protection will provide your business with the highest quality service and best pricing in all of NJ.  Our pricing is Guaranteed to beat what you are paying now.

Send us your current invoice and we will beat the price!

Kitchen Fire Suppression - Install New Systems, Inspection, Repair & Sales.  Ansul, Pyro-Chem, ProTex II & Many more!

At Atlantic Fire Protection we are here to help.  We Install all NEW kitchen suppression systems, providing semi-annual maintenance's. We also can repair your systems at great prices.  This also includes Food Trucks, Commercial & Much More, give us a call if you aren't sure.

Please call (732) 443-0608 for a FREE ESTIMATE!

24 Hour Emergency Service

Call us 24/7 we are here to assist you no matter what time.  Have an emergency?  Call us right away!

Commercial & Restaurant

We service Commercial Facilities including restaurants and many others.

Fire Protection For Your Commercial & Restaurant Kitchen

We are trained and perform NFPA required inspections for your kitchens to keep your business safe. 

Consistent Kitchen Suppression Service From Us

Helps you stay fire compliant. We know what needs to be done and what will help you pass inspections, saving you tons of money in potential fines.

Keeps your equipment in the best condition. We run semi-annual testing on your systems so we know they will function properly in case of fire.  

Increases insurance eligibility. Sometimes a fire will not be covered by insurance if you do not not get your routine inspections.  

Promotes fire safety. Want to keep your kitchen and employees safe?  Give us a call!

Ansul Fire Suppression System

The Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System, an automatic  fire suppression system designed to protect your kitchen.  These are the most popular systems we see in kitchens today.  This system is UL compliant, listed under UL standard 300.

Additional Installation and Services

  • Kitchen U.L. 300 Upgrades
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs and Cabinets
  • Fire Extinguisher Training Courses
  • Fire Department or Insurance Company Violation Corrections